broken suicidal pig

Every Wednesday, I share some fun or informative reads from around the Internet. This week, start off with Mike Holman providing some of the key information you’ll want to learn about RESP contributions. While it may seem too early to think about Adalynn’s post secondary education, taking advantage of the government grants that come along with a registered education savings plan is definitely worth my while. It’s like free money and the interest can accrue tax-free.

Going back to more immediate concerns, Mama Undone has a great little lifehack for all the moms and dads in the audience. We had always assumed that the envelope folds on baby tops were there to help us get the clothing over the baby’s head, but they’re also great for rolling the layette off in the other direction too. When the baby has had a diaper blowout, you’ll want to avoid smearing that mess all over her poor head, right?

Speaking of hacking life for fun and profit, Suzanne Yates has some tips for how you overcome work-related stress and achieve greater happiness as a result. Learn why you shouldn’t eat lunch at your desk, why you need a good night’s sleep, and how you can go about planning your time off work to minimize conflict and improve motivation.

One of the hardest lessons to learn as a professional writer is how to maintain your level of confidence. Mary Jaksch feels your pain, so in a Sunday Snippet-like fashion, she has gathered together 20 inspirational quotes that should lift your spirits and light a fire under your bottom. “The worst enemy of creativity,” Syliva Plath once said, “is self-doubt.”

And finally, we end on a much more somber note with Isom Kuade as he comments on the recent ruling in Ferguson. You’ve likely heard by now that the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting the unarmed Mike Brown. While I am seriously disappointed in the ruling and I am saddened by the state of race relations in the United States, I can’t say I’m all that surprised by how this turned out. Who will survive in America?