More Writing Around the Web

Some of you may know me best for the blogging I do here on Beyond the Rhetoric, but my “day job” as a freelance writer means that the majority of the content that I write ends up getting published elsewhere. And while I do cover a fairly broad range of subject matter for my clients, a good amount is focused on the world of technology, particularly consumer electronics and gadgets.

It’s actually been a while since I’ve done one of these roundups, so I thought I’d share some recent articles that I’ve been writing. In some sense, this will offer another glimpse into what I do for a living.

An Open Letter to the Spouses of Online Entrepreneurs
(John Chow dot Com)

“For some of you, you may have come to respect the nature of working from home and earning a living from the Internet, even if you don’t completely understand it. For the rest of you, you might see this digital entrepreneurship as a “phase.” Believe me; it’s not a phase.

If you’re hoping that the affiliate marketer or professional blogger that you married is going to give up on his dream and buckle down to a regular 9-to-5, you’re going to be disappointed and frustrated.”

DROID Turbo: Trading Thinness for Battery Life? (The Smarter Phone)

“While having a supercomputer in your pocket seems awfully appealing, it has come with a very serious and very common problem: most smartphones struggle to last through a typical day without needing a charge. This problem has been further exacerbated by the public’s increasing need for ever-thinner devices, meaning that manufacturers are having a hard time putting larger batteries in their smartphones to compensate.”

Zalman Bankruptcy Due to $3 Billion Moneual Fraud Conspiracy (Futurelooks)

“The whistleblower says that CEO Harold Park (Hong-seok), Vice President Scott Park (Min-seok) and Vice President Won Duck-yeok hatched together a scheme that would see Zalman produce inflated sales and fabricated export data, allowing the company to qualify for increasingly large bank loans. Over the course of five years, as the report goes, the company took out 3.2 trillion Korean won (US$2.98 billion) in loans under false pretenses.”

5 Windows 10 Features to Help You Work Smarter (Smartlife)

“You can have one desktop for the graphic design project you’re working on, another desktop for the white paper you’re writing, and another separate desktop for your personal social media exploits. This way, you can focus on just one project at a time without being distracted by the others, all while having the ability to quickly switch between them.”