Grumpy Cat

Some content translates beautifully from one medium to another. I thought the filmmakers did a good job creating the comic book and graphic novel-inspired environments of the Scott Pilgrim and Sin City movies, for example. Other times, the transition is not nearly as smooth and we end up with terrible adaptations and even worse video games. And the upcoming Grumpy Cat Christmas movie looks like it may epitomize that notion.

You don’t have to look very hard to find an overflowing abundance of funny cat pictures on the Internet and one of the biggest feline celebrities is Grumpy Cat, known outside of the web as Tardar Sauce. The “grumpy” captions, like the image at the top of this post, are always good for a quick laugh. I suppose it only made sense that they wanted to cash in on the kitty’s popularity.

Now, I obviously have not seen Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever yet, but the official trailer has been released (embedded below) and it’s not looking good. Sure, casting deadpan comedienne Aubrey Plaza to voice the title character seems appropriate, given the deadpan style of comedy at play, but it just sounds wrong and Tardar Sauce looks like little more than a prop.

It’s not just the transition from online to offline either. Grumpy Cat spread as an Internet meme in the form of still images with funny captions and the switch to a voiced-over video just isn’t working. Maybe Grumpy Cat is better suited as an animated series or, just maybe, this Christmas special is just out to troll us all.