Lexi Unboxing Videos

What’s the deal with political correctness anyway? When does being cheeky and topical go too far? With Halloween right around the corner, Deborah Ng is tackling some of these very issues as she ponders how (in)appropriate an Ebola hazmat costume for her son might be. She took to Facebook and was quickly bombarded with over 90 comments. Is the humor too dark for a kids costume? What if it were “just” a hazmat suit and not an “Ebola” hazmat suit?

Stephen Fung treats his YouTube channel the same way I treat mine: it’s quite an eclectic mix. He’s got dashcam videos of bad drivers, marketing videos he produced with students, and now he’s got his daughter Lexi doing professional unboxing videos of her new toys. That’s her at the top of today’s post with her second video ever, showing off her new Disney Infinity set. It seems like all the cool kids are on social media and Lexi’s already a pro with 4K videos on YouTube!

You might recognize Eric Williams from the daddy blogger speedlink I did last month. This time around, he tackles the subject of bed-sharing and co-sleeping with infants. The current recommendation is that newborns should sleep in a bassinet next to the parents’ bed, but any new parent will tell you that it’s tough to put a new baby down to sleep! Sometimes, co-sleeping is the only method that works.

Switching away from the topic of kids (unless you count taking professional pictures of kids), Julius Motal explains why he won’t give you his RAW files when you hire him for a professional shoot. I haven’t dealt with a lot of professional photographers in my day, but I can completely understand his sentiment. The RAW files don’t fully represent his work as an artist and they could be misconstrued to misrepresent his creative vision. A lot of work is in post-processing, going well beyond hitting the shutter button.

And ending on a fun note, Kimm Mitchell posted some cool photos involving light painting with fire. I can see how this technique could be utterly amazing during Halloween with the kids in their costumes, surrounded by ghostly spirits “painted” with fiery light.