As of this writing, my YouTube channel contains a total of 369 videos. When I first “launched” my YouTube channel back in 2006, I didn’t have any real expectations for the platform other than being able to share my videos with friends and family over the Internet. Fast forward to today and I’ve accumulated over 1.3 million views and counting. I’d say that’s something.

Over the years, I’ve posted quite the eclectic collection of content. In many ways, you could say that I’ve taken a similar approach to Beyond the Rhetoric, using the blog and the YouTube channel as personal platforms for expression. The YouTube channel is arguably even more varied than this blog, as I don’t necessarily share every video via Beyond the Rhetoric either.

You might recall that my most-watched YouTube video from last year was a video tour of the hotel room at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, one of my more popular videos this year isthe video tour I provided of our Treasure Island Las Vegas hotel room. I guess people like to visit Sin City.

More recently, with the arrival of little Adalynn, I’ve started posting a few baby and parenting related videos. They’re mostly product-oriented, like this one featuring a Graco travel crib.

It has been more challenging to find time for video games lately, but I have been making a small effort to stream on Twitch now and then. Highlights from those streams are then exported to my YouTube channel, as is the case with this series of matches from Ultra Street Fighter IV.

While the majority of my “techie” content gets posted elsewhere, I still use my YouTube channel as a place to stash secondary or supplementary material. I’m currently in the process of reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, for instance, and just uploaded a 4K video sample to YouTube.

I wasn’t invited to the YouTube partner program until a few years into the experience, so I haven’t exactly had the opportunity to reap all the monetization benefits. And in the case of my gaming videos, I still can’t monetize them as they’d get flagged for a copyright claim. And while I certainly don’t rely on “that sweet YouTube money” as any real source of income, it does consistently generate a few bucks for me here and there.

At this point, though, it’s not about the money. I just like sharing videos and will continue to do so.