LuguLake Speaker

Before Bluetooth speakers really became a thing, the more conventional path was that of the iPod speaker dock. It was literally a speaker that you plugged in the wall and it just so happened to have a 30-pin dock connector somewhere to plunk your iPod. These days, Bluetooth speakers provide better universal support and many come with 3.5mm input jacks to accept just about everything. The problem is that these speakers may not have the “stand” or “dock” function that we once enjoyed.

Addressing this conundrum is the LuguLake Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Stand, a tubular Bluetooth speaker with a handy ledge on the front to hold your music-playing device.

Stand Up and Dance

LuguLake Speaker

Available in a few different colors, the LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker Stand isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel. It is still “just” a Bluetooth speaker and it’ll pair with your iPhone, Android smartphone, Bluetooth-compatible notebook PC or whatever else you may have. The stereo speakers actually point out the sides, rather than straight forward, to provide more of a room-filling, wraparound kind of sound. This also ensures that your device sitting on the front ledge doesn’t obscure the speaker sound either.

And that integrated ledge is what really sets this speaker apart from others that are otherwise similar. The groove runs the full 20cm width of the LuguLake speaker and it’ll handle devices up to about 14mm in thickness. What this means is that you can conceivably plunk a thin tablet in there if you’d like. I used it with my Motorola smartphone and my aging 3rd-gen iPod nano will no problem at all.

The speaker itself feels very well-built and there’s enough weight to it to feel very stable on any flat surface. There are three small rubber feet to help dampen vibrations too.

Beyond Bluetooth

LuguLake Speaker

While you may approach the LuguLake speaker as a primarily wireless device, it does have the standard 3.5mm auxiliary input jack on the back. Alternatively, you could use a Bluetooth transceiver for your non-Bluetooth devices, but the included stereo mini cable is a lot easier. Every time you switch on this speaker, it will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode.

The internal 1000mAh battery is charged via the standard microUSB DC input on the back. How long the battery lasts will depend on how you use it, of course, but I was able to get a solid eight hours at a moderate volume level.

The LuguLake Musical Experience

LuguLake Speaker

Of course, a great design doesn’t mean all that much if the product doesn’t deliver the goods. For me, the sound quality on the LuguLake Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Stand is decent. The bass could be punchier and the rest of the range could be cleaner. It’s just fine.

It’s not exactly the loudest speaker on the block either, though I imagine most people considering a compact cylindrical speaker tube like this aren’t expecting to fill a concert hall. Instead, the LuguLake speaker is great for a bedroom or to provide some ambient music in the living room.

The LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker Stand is available now on for $49.99 or on for $42.99. It’s an affordable, well-built and convenient wireless (and wired) solution for music at home, at the office and on the go.