Beyond the Rhetoric

I’ve been sharing my musings on the Internet for some 15 years now, starting out with an e-mail newsletter before graduating to a manually-updated Geocities website and finally progressing to the launch of Beyond the Rhetoric in 2006. Throughout that time, I’ve been pretty eclectic about the posts that I write, ranging from movie reviews to philosophical ponderings. I had considered breaking off Beyond the Rhetoric into its own blog, completely focused on the business of freelance writing, but I enjoy the variety and I hope you do too.

In the nine years that this blog has existed, I’ve shared a great number of grammar tips, helping everyone else improve their writing. I’ve discussed some of the triumphs, tribulations and challenges associated with working from home as an independent freelance writer. And with all the eating out that I like to do, I’ve reviewed several restaurants too.

And in the next nine years and beyond, I fully expect this blog to continue evolving and changing as my life–both personal and professional–continues to evolve and change. Major life events play into the nature of Beyond the Rhetoric. Publishing my first book was a pretty big deal and I’ve shared some of that journey with you. And now, with Adalynn in the picture, Beyond the Rhetoric will be maturing once more.

From reviewing baby products to discussing the ethics of childcare, from the shifted nature of my new dot com lifestyle to whatever else may come, it’ll likely all end up on here in some fashion. And while these posts can come from a personal place for me, the hope is that they can provide value and perspective to just about anyone.

Let’s keep exploring. The world is a grand old place.