Adalynn Challenges Sleep Sheep

As you can imagine, my life has been thrown into a tailspin ever since Adalynn joined my life. It’s been less than week and the little one has taught me a lot already… and she’s continuing to teach me more every day. We’re all new at this and I am thankful for all the help and support that we have received thus far.

Since I’m a self-employed freelance writer who works from home, I’ve felt compelled to return to my normal working schedule again. As you likely suspect, things have hardly gone that way. It’s hard to hunker down to write another feature article when you know that your little daughter needs her father. And every moment that I spend with her, including stressful diaper changes and emergency baths, is infinitely rewarding. This bonding time is positively invaluable.

People have always said that you won’t really understand parenthood until you have kids of your own. That’s a really cliche thing to say and it is utterly true. Everything changes and, despite what stress may come, it’s all worth it. These first few weeks are absolutely critical and if that means blogging here on Beyond the Rhetoric has to slide a little, so be it.

If you catch me tweeting in the middle of the night about singing to my baby, you’ll know why.