Time is Money $

The focus of this week’s speedlink is a simple piece of advice: there is no resource more valuable than time, so treat those precious minutes, days and years accordingly. Self-proclaimed “dot com mogul” John Chow fully understands this philosophy, asking how much is your time worth to you. Indeed, he’s willing to spend a good amount of money to save time and, in my own life, one of the biggest benefits of freelancing is having the freedom of time at my disposal.

Even if you don’t work for yourself and you have to make your way to a physical workplace outside the home, you should still pay close attention to how you spend your time. Free Money Finance asserts that the biggest cost to a long commute isn’t the extra gas you’re using or the added wear and tear on your vehicle; it’s all the time you’re “wasting” behind the wheel that could be spent in much more fruitful ways. Sometimes, it’s worth taking a pay cut in order to work closer to home.

They say that patience is a virtue, but no one enjoys queuing up some unknown good. It’s the worst when you wait for a long time, only to be disappointed by your prize at the end of the rainbow. Mijune Pak takes some of the guesswork out of eating in Vancouver by listing some food worth lining up for around town. Did you know that the former owner of Dona Cata is now serving fish tacos on Main Street?

As a professional blogger and online entrepreneur, I need to stay on top of search engine optimization trends. With Google changing its policies so often, Sonia Simone explains how we should think about our relationship with Google. Writing for the readers and not for the bots is probably the best approach in the long run… just be willing adapt some of the finer details now and then.

And finally, my good friend Joseph Planta has put together the Tenth Anniversary Program for his series of On The Line interviews at The Commentary. The 90-minute highlight show runs through some of his favorite interviews with previous guests, including Joe Clark, Tom Flanagan, Charlotte Gray, Canadian astronaut legend Chris Hadfield and Elaine “Lainey Gossip” Lui.