Shoppers Drug Mart VIB

I like free stuff, particularly when I don’t have to put that much effort into getting it. As my life will be forever changed with this baby, I’m also quite keen to take advantage of any deals to help with those expenses. To that end, we signed up for the VIB program (Very Important Baby) from Shoppers Drug Mart and have already received a couple of free care packages from them.

You might remember when I shared the unboxing video of the Nestle Baby care package last month. That free starter kit came with a lot of stuff, including some diapers and baby formula. By comparison, the “special delivery” from the Shoppers Drug Mart VIB program is far more modest. It’s not much bigger than a box of standard envelopes.

Absolutely, this is undeniably more baby marketing and they’re simply encouraging us to visit Shoppers Drug Mart to get more “bonus” Optimum points and buy more baby stuff, but we’re not under any obligation to buy anything from them. There is also an online community attached to the VIB program for advice and discussion.

The samples included in the first couple VIB care packages were mostly of the washing and moisturizing variety. Whether we’ll continue to receive more samples and if those samples change in nature is, as of yet, unclear. Are there any other free baby stuff programs in Canada we should be looking at?