Rome, Italy

We start our weekly speedlink with Damien Riley. He shares an infographic that describes your personality based on the type of coffee you drink. The list is missing my usual Americano, but as I have been leaning more toward black coffee these last few years, I suppose I’m somewhere between the black coffee and espresso drinker, with a dash of the latte drinker. Yes, I can indeed to be neurotic.

Continuing along the lines of gastronomy, Max Falkowitz explains the difference between ice cream and gelato. I’ve always assumed that ice cream had a lot more fat content, whereas gelato tends to be more of a fruity ice. That’s part of it, but Max says that air and serving temperature are also important factors. And then we’ve got frozen yogurt, sorbet, and all sorts of other cold treats.

I’ve said many times before that working from home and freelancing aren’t for everyone. If you love what you do and have an attitude of service, though, the career could be a match made in heaven. Sonia Simone explores seven key elements that writers need in order to make a living. You’ll notice that “making a lot of money” is not on the list, but discipline and the willingness to become a marketer are on there. I know the former has been a challenge in promoting my book!

Like Ray Ebersole, it boggles my mind when you hear stories of parents who “forget” that their children are in the back seat of the car when they leave them behind. Those kids are your responsibility and they need to be your absolute priority. I don’t even need a TV dad to tell me that!

And finally, we all feel a lot of pressure to be better and we are constantly comparing ourselves to our peers. Addressing this issue in a slightly different way, Todd Polke provides his guide on how you can be the best you in six easy steps. Remember that being the best “you” does not mean you need to be the best at everything and it also doesn’t mean you have to be everything to everyone.