Tech Tuesday: ZTE Grand X 5-Inch Android Smartphone (Video)

It’s easy to get excited about the next generation of flagship devices. We’re expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Motorola X+1 and the iPhone 6 very soon. However, it’s also obvious enough that many of these more expensive devices are overkill for a lot of people. Addressing an entirely different segment of the market is the ZTE Grand X, a big phone at a little price.

You’ll notice two prominent trends in the world of Android smartphones. First, the displays are getting a lot bigger with phablets quickly becoming the norm. Second, you’ll find a race to the bottom with much more affordable handsets like the Moto G. Well, the ZTE Grand X somehow fits in with both of those trends.

For starters, the ZTE Grand X is even cheaper than the Sony Xperia M2 smartphone that I reviewed a while ago. The M2 is available through Fido and Rogers for $300 outright, while the ZTE Grand X is offered via Bell Mobility for just $150 outright. Alternatively, you can get it for the rock bottom price of $0 on a qualifying two-year contract.

For that price, you get the larger 5-inch display and a quad-core processor, though it’s only a 720p screen and a MediaTek chip. It’s not meant to be a high-end phone and the pricing reflects that. This is the first of what will presumably be many entry-level smartphones from ZTE in Canada. It’ll likely follow in the same low-key footsteps as fellow Chinese tech company Huawei.

The unboxing video with feature overview is embedded below. Expect the full written review to be published on MEGATechNews soon.