Independence Day - Will Smith

Earlier this week, I celebrated Canada Day by listing five signs you are a real Canadian. If you missed it, I humbly apologize for that. Today, we turn to our neighbors to the south to celebrate their equivalent holiday, the Fourth of July.

There is no shortage of inspiring words from inspirational Americans. This is particularly true when it comes to the President of the United States, whether you go all the way back to George Washington or you look to the “audacity of hope” exemplified by President Barack Obama. Then again, Hollywood knows a thing or two about dramatizing the American spirit too.

We’ve got freedom-loving Presidents telling you to get off their plane, as well as ones rousing up the troops to fight an alien threat, as was the case in 1996’s Independence Day. They are “fighting for our right to live.”

Go ahead, America. Break out those stars and stripes. Wave them loudly and proudly. And until we get the ID Forever Part I sequel in 2016 (where Bill Pullman will reportedly reprise his role as President Thomas J. Whitmore, though it’s yet to be determined whether Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith will return), we can have our fun with this “Honest Trailer” of the original.

Happy Independence Day, ‘Murica.