Case Logic Griffith Park Backpack

When I travel, particularly when it comes to trade shows like Computex and CES, I find myself spending much more time thinking about the kinds of gadget and gear that I’m going to bring than considering all the other things that I should be packing. I can always pick up another shirt or a toothbrush, but will I have all the chargers and cables that I’ll need?

To this end, while I find most basic luggage to be roughly the same, I’ve become a little more picky about the backpack or messenger bag that I use to stash my laptop, camera, chargers, headphones, and so on. I wouldn’t say that I’m a particularly heavy packer, as I have a relatively small Ultrabook and a compact micro four-thirds camera, but I do want to strike that balance between something that is reasonably small while providing enough capacity to handle my gear.

My Bag for Computex Taipei 2014

For this trip to Taiwan, I’ve been provided with the Case Logic Griffith Park Daypack. Based on my experience with it thus far, it does tick a lot of the right boxes for me. It’s lightweight and has enough of a depth to it to handle my camera with lens attached without being all that bulky.

The Griffith Park is hardly a groundbreaking kind of product and it is certainly not without its faults. I would have preferred if the laptop compartment could fold out completely flat to adhere to the TSA checkpoint-friendly guidelines, for example, and the padding in the second compartment could be more substantial. It’s also not at all appropriate for bulkier laptops, but that’s no concern of mine. The zippers can be a little finicky too.

Even though I’ve gone through several “gadget” backpacks in my day, up until this bag, I’ve kept going back to an old backpack from The Gap that I got during my university days as my preferred bag for travel. There’s also a Rosewill backpack that I use when I need even more space.

Still on the Hunt

I’m still searching for the perfect bag to fit all of my personal preferences. Get a closer look at this Case Logic backpack through the MEGATechNews video I’ve embedded below and be sure to check out my full written review as well.