Helsinki, Finland by Ed Lau Photography

It’s Wednesday, so let’s get over the hump day blues with another whirlwind speedlink.

We start things off with Ed Lau, who returned from his trip through Northern Europe some time back. One of the highlights of his trip was the opportunity to sample reindeer meatballs in Helsinki. You may as well eat like a local, particularly when it comes to foods that you normally can’t find back home. For example, I ate kangaroo and camel when I was in Australia and I thought they were pretty darn tasty.

Moving a little closer to home, Claire Livia Lassam from Vancouver Observer put up a great article exploring the origins of Phnom Penh. No, we’re not talking about the actual city in Cambodia, but rather the restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown that is highly praised for its deep fried chicken wings and butter beef. You might remember the Dot Com Pho episode we shot there a few years back.

While on the topic of Asia, Karly Pinch rounds up the final week of her trip to Vietnam. She took the opportunity to rent bicycles for the day to explore the town of Hue, do a little shopping in the more cosmopolitan city of Hoi An, and to soak in the natural beauty of Halong Bay. After a one night stay in Bangkok, Karly will be continuing her trip through to the Philippines. This all sounds like a terrific adventure!

It looks like Tris Hussey has been keeping himself quite busy lately. First, he has returned to the startup world with his work on Nugg, a platform that is “designed for today’s teams” to help them “ask questions, share updates, discover what’s most important and inspire performance.” He also finished his new book, WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide, a substantial tome of over 400 pages for anyone who wants to use WordPress.

And finally, we get to indulge in the April Fool’s Day gag put forth by Mike Vardy. Meant to be read with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Mike explains the real meaning of highlighter colors. For instance, while we may think that using a blue highlighter is associated with bigger, “blue sky thinking” that is more creative and innovative, what it really means is that the person “is sad, knowing that they will have to do whatever they have highlighted.”