What's Up Wednesdays: Life and Business

It’s time once again for another hump day speedlink. This week’s collection looks at our relationships with both everyday life and our professional ambitions.

We start off with Zac Johnson, who is sharing some critical lessons from Bill Gates. He reminds us that life isn’t fair, success is a lousy teacher and we should never compare ourselves with anyone in the world. The former Microsoft CEO also tells us that there is no finish line, because we should never stop moving forward. Remember that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

Next, we have fellow freelance writer Thursday Bram. She reminds all the prospective clients out there that it is worth paying for experience, as you want a writer who already knows what he or she is doing and can deliver quality results the first time. When you put up a post on Craigslist, saying that the gig is “perfect for students” or work-at-home moms, you shouldn’t expect the same high level of professionalism and quality you’d get from a seasoned veteran.

Do you blow way too much money on little indulgences? Do you find that your monthly budget keeps spiraling out of control? Allison Kade has some key advice on how not to waste our money. Avoid splurging at the end of a bad day, because you’re not at all in the right mindset. And remember that your tax refund is not “free money,” as it was actually yours all along.

Las Vegas is the kind of town where you can have fun on a budget, but you can just as equally splurge on some big indulgences. Bob Buskirk had a little bit of extra fun on his last night in Sin City by booking the two-bedroom hospitality suite at Vdara Las Vegas. On his blog, Bob shares a quick video tour of his room and it’s immediately clear that rooms at the Vdara are vastly superior to those at The Quad. Then again, the standard rate for that suite is $575 a night.

And speaking of hotels, have you noticed just how bad the Internet access can be in even the most luxurious of resorts? Peter Nowak offers quite the commentary on expensive hotel Wi-Fi that is practically unusable. He was also in Las Vegas during CES, paying a daily “resort fee” of $19.99 to get 256kbps service. That’s horrible. Interestingly, Internet access tends to be better (and free) at budget hotels. One possible explanation, as offered by a Wyndham hotel manager, is that good Internet speeds would eat into the hotel’s pay-per-view revenue… and this has been the case for years.

Image credit: Bob Buskirk