Planta: On the Line with Michael Kwan

The last time I went “On the Line” with Joseph Planta was back in May 2010 when he had me and John Chow on as guests to discuss our co-authored book, Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul. This time around, I was invited back as a solo guest to discuss my new single-authored book Beyond the Margins.

Subtitled An Indispensable Guide for First-Time Freelance Writers, Designers, and Other Work-from-Home Professionals, it’s a book where I draw on my professional experience as a full-time freelancer, providing tips and advice for people who are thinking about getting into the business. In the interview, we approach many of the topics that are discussed in the book, as well as the individual journey that I took to get to where I am today.

When I was a child, the Internet didn’t really exist yet and even the possibility of owning my own business never really crossed my mind. I had considered a career in journalism, but I thought that I would have to find a job working for a small-town newspaper or magazine to start. In the interview, we also talk about the challenges that freelancers may face and the type of attitude or personality that is required to be a successful freelancer.

After going “On the Line” with Joseph Planta several times before over the telephone, it was refreshing to do an in-person interview in his studio. It’s definitely a different kind of experience and I think it helped to facilitate the 30-minute conversation. You can listen to the full interview on or watch the embedded YouTube video here.

This was the 974th entry in the “On the Line” program. When I asked Joseph if he was going to do anything special for the milestone of reaching 1,000 episodes, he told me it was just going to be another interview. Instead, he may do something special in the fall for the program’s 10th anniversary.

Beyond the Margins is available on Amazon in your choice of paperback or Kindle formats. I’m also offering signed copies at a discounted price.