Beyond the Margins

Last month, I announced the “soft” launch of Beyond the Margins. This is my second book and it focuses on providing tips and guidance for people who want to launch their own freelance careers. I promised that a print version would be forthcoming and now it has arrived.

At the time of the “soft” launch, Beyond the Margins was only only available on Kindle. Going through the process for the print version was a little more involving, since I had to deal with the physical shipping of a physical proof copy before I could approve it for sale through Amazon. During that time, I received a few requests for autographed copies and you will have the opportunity to get those very soon.

How to Pre-Order Your Signed Copy

Just as I did with the Make Money Online book I co-authored with John Chow, I am offering signed copies of Beyond the Margins as well. I have already ordered up a small batch of author copies of the book and those should be arriving in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I thought I’d offer up the opportunity for you to secure one of those copies for yourself, signed by yours truly.

The book itself is $10. The shipping depends on where you’d like me to send the book. This would all be via Canada Post.

There are four main options:

  • Vancouver Local Meetup (Free): If you are in the Vancouver area and can meet up with me in person, then there is naturally no shipping cost.
  • Canada Shipping ($3): For shipping anywhere in Canada
  • USA Shipping ($7): For shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.
  • International Shipping ($15): Applicable for most other countries in the world.

So, the net cost for local pickup, shipping within Canada, shipping to the US, and shipping internationally would be $10, $13, $17 and $25, respectively.

If you have any questions whatsoever, it’s best to clarify with me first.

Please remit your payment in Canadian or American dollars (CAD or USD) via PayPal to michael (at) michaelkwan (dot) com. The currency exchange can vary wildly, so until further notice, I’m taking CAD and USD at par. If you would like a specific inscription or you would like me to make it out to someone in particular, do let me know via the notes in the PayPal payment.

As mentioned, I should be receiving my box of author copies in the next couple weeks, so this is technically a “pre-order,” but I will send out your signed copy as soon as I can.

Buy Beyond the Margins Now

If you’d rather not wait or if you’re not as interested in getting your copy signed, don’t hesitate to buy Beyond the Margins directly from Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle, if you prefer instant digital delivery.