My Most-Watched YouTube Video of 2013

After doing my year in review in respect to Instagram photos, I got to thinking about my activity on some other social networks and media sharing platforms. In 2013, I uploaded a total of 44 videos to YouTube. The content is quite varied, including some Street Fighter matches, product unboxings and a few travel videos. All said, including the nearly 300 other videos that I’ve uploaded to YouTube over the years, my videos got over 100,000 views in 2013.

But what video was my most popular of the year? Was it something buried deep in the archive or was it a newer upload? While I certainly can’t claim to get the kind of numbers you see with asking what a particular wild animal says, I am happy that it was one of my more informative videos that rose to the top. It was the hotel room tour that I provided of the Flamingo Las Vegas, a hotel that we affectionately referred to as the “Dirty Bird.”

That video was posted in early January, garnering some 20,000 views and counting. By viral YouTube standards, that’s hardly a blip, but it’s my blip. Here it is again, in case you missed it the first time around. Happy new year!