Miku Restaurant's Shokai Omakase (8 of 12)

Many different topics are approached here on Beyond the Rhetoric and some are more popular than ever. As we bid adieu to another year, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at the year that was, keying in on the blog posts that received the most traffic.

To make things as fair as possible, I looked at each month individually. Posts that were published toward the beginning the year have an advantage over those published later, simply because they’ve been around longer and, thus, had more of an opportunity to get page views. I also only looked at blog posts from 2013, though it is worth noting that the Grammar 101 series was the most popular overall, even if none of the ones from this year took the top spot in their respective months.

One other trend that I noticed was that my restaurant review posts were particularly popular in 2013. We all like good food, I suppose.

The Most Read Blog Posts of 2013

Shokai Tasting Menu at Miku Restaurant, Vancouver
One of the fancier sushi restaurants in the city.

Breakfast at Cafe Medina, Vancouver
The casual brunch joint next to the equally awesome Chambar.

Writing on Contingencies (Or Why I Won’t Work on Spec)
A life (and work) lesson learned and taken to heart.

Tacofino Commissary on Hastings, Vancouver
Are fancy tacos worth the extra money?

La Jacobine Restaurant, Paris Latin Quarter (6e)
One of my many food adventures in Europe.

Sunday Snippet: All Four Verses of O Canada
Yes, there is more to the national anthem than what you hear at hockey games.

Why I Prefer Console Games Over PC Games
I’d rather lounge on the couch with my controller.

The 10 Best Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean Restaurants in Vancouver
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good, authentic meal.

Sunway Restaurant in Richmond, BC
A humble Taiwanese restaurant with deluxe “reef” noodle soup.

Fable Kitchen on West Fourth, Vancouver
Opened by some people from Top Chef Canada, apparently.

Updated Birthday Freebies In and Around Vancouver
Get a free burger, free coffee and even a free poutine!

My 8 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014
There are so many action movies next year, including one with Sentinels.

Looking Forward to 2014

It’s been a terrific year of blogging and I’m confident that 2014 will be just as enjoyable. In the meantime, be sure to check out my Instagram year in review post and have a look at my new Beyond the Margins book too.