Michael Corleone

It’s Wednesday, so let’s get going with another weekly speedlink.

We start our Internet journey with Anny Chih who comments on where mobile games are heading. She envisions more of a gamification of the real world, like what we have with Foursquare, but I still people being antisocial with their social mobile games for the foreseeable future. The casual puzzle game on smartphones will likely continue to dominate for the next while.

Next, we turn to Colin Falconer. He’s offering a guide to a good and happy life by offering a number of lessons from the Godfather. This is similar to what I do with the What Freelancers Can Learn From…” series on this blog, except he’s adapting more Godfather quotes to everyday life. For instance, Michael Corleone once said, “Don’t overestimate the power of forgiveness.”

As much as we get caught up in the commercialization of the season, Ray Ebersole reminds us that family should always come first during the holidays. He shares some photos and videos of his holiday fun, including some self-recorded footage from the recitals by his children, as well as some photos from Ray’s commencement ceremony for graduating from the State College of Florida.

For a little bit of a foodie diversion, Buzz Bishop takes us on a trip to Calgary’s Chinatown to grab a siopao from Jing Jing Bakery. He was hoping that the BBQ pork bun would hold a candle to the one he enjoyed at New Town Bakery in Vancouver, but sadly, Jing Jing was a disappointment. I wonder how he’d feel about the bakery at T&T Supermarket…

And finally, Vancity Buzz has some terrific photos from the 14th annual Canucks for Kids Fun Dice and Ice Benefit event. More specifically, we get 25 photos of the ugly Christmas sweaters that the Canucks players wore at the charity event. The sweaters were put up for auction benefiting the Canucks for Kids Fund (CFKF), but unfortunately for those of you who wanted one, the bidding ended late last night.