Earth Day Serenade from Space

It’s Wednesday, so let’s see what the bloggers have to share this week.

We start off with Buzz Bishop who thought he had a fairly original name until he found several name twins on the Internet. Buzz might be a radio personality, but there’s another Buzz who owns a marketing company in Ohio, a retired firefighter from Colorado and a welder in Iowa, among others. I know there’s a certain Hong Kong singer who shares my name and he’s been the bane of my SEO existence.

From the world wide web to going out of this world, Joseph Planta had the special opportunity to interview Chris Hadfield, former commander of the International Space Station. He is a national and international hero who I had previously featured in a Sunday Snippet post a couple of months ago. He truly is an inspiration and he couldn’t have a better attitude about life both on Earth and beyond its atmosphere.

One of the sadder stories of the week had to be the passing of Nelson Mandela. Ray Ebersole writes about how his daughter asked to watch the Nelson Mandela tribute on TV, because she had started to learn about the former South African President in school. He faced more than his fair share of challenges, but Mandela will forever be remembered as a visionary and a beacon of hope for not only the people of South Africa, but also the world at large.

You may have heard that Phoenix Lam recently got married in Cabo. Now that all those months of planning have drawn to a close, she has several destination wedding lessons that she’d like to share for anyone else who may be planning a similar adventure. I know that planning our own local wedding was incredibly stressful, so I can’t even begin to imagine how stressful it’d be to handle the logistics of a destination wedding.

And finally, Linda Cauthen offers some advice for what not to do at the office Christmas party. It’s easy to gorge yourself on the food or to indulge in one too many drinks, but you do have to remember that it’s still a work-related function and it could reflect on your professional image. Since I’m a company of one, my office Christmas party tends to be pretty tame.