The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

Wow. Another month has come and gone, so now it’s time once again to acknowledge the great people who contributed the most to the conversations here on Beyond the Rhetoric. Here are the top thinkers for the preceding month.

Rising to the top once again is the incomparable Ray Ebersole. He far and away posted more comments on this blog than anyone else and I greatly appreciate his input each time that he does. Some people may say it’s too early, but that’s not the case with Costco where the Christmas decorations are out in full force. You can revisit the Christmas light show from last year’s display at the Sarasota Grace Baptist Church. It is the most wonderful time of the year.

Next, we have Betshopboy. You might remember in last week’s speedlink where we highlighted Cheewee’s experience with the TMBT ultra trail marathon in Borneo. Leading up to that event, he trained hard and he even put together a video demonstrating some of his quads strengthening exercises. Proper preparation and planning are positively critical, especially when you’re going to put your body through that kind of ordeal.

The final three spots in the top five were all taken up by people who did not provide their own website URL, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be thanked too. Here’s a tip of the hat to Andre Cooper, orah, and E. Lemke. I am most grateful for your contributions and hope to see you on this list again soon.