On the Line with Joseph Planta

My day job is that of a freelance writer. The vast majority of this writing appears online in the form of blog posts, product reviews and feature articles, as well as press releases and the like. As much as many of us would argue that online magazines are just as legitimate as their printed counterparts, there are still people who automatically assign more legitimacy to something that is physically in front of them.

That is one of the reasons why, several years ago, I decided to partner up with John Chow to co-author a book. Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul was written largely from John’s perspective, as he was the one giving advice about how you can make money from your blog, but the actual writing of the book was mostly done by me. It made for a good fit and the book was released in paperback form in May 2010.

And it was at that time that John and I were interviewed by Joseph Planta from TheCommentary.ca for his On the Line program. We talk about some of the contents of the book, like blog monetization strategies and how blogging is far more accessible to the non-technical Joe than it has been in the past, as well as some of the aspects of our online digital lifestyle, like our weekly Dot Com Pho meetups.

It’s hard to believe that three years have already passed since the launch of our book. I have uploaded the interview to YouTube, with Joseph’s permission, for those of you who may have missed it the first time around. Even if you caught it way back in 2010, it’s worth listening to again. Here’s a blast from the not-too-distant past.