Even though I had gone in previous years, I knew that I wasn’t going to Taiwan this year for COMPUTEX Taipei. I had also assumed that I would not be attending the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known in most circles simply as E3. That second assumption has turned out to be completely wrong.

It was a very last minute decision, but we were graciously invited by the good people at NVIDIA to see the show. More specifically, they have an extra special event tonight and they really wanted us to come. In fact, they were generous enough to provide for our flights and accommodations, “we” referring to me and Stephen Fung. I’ll be there under the MEGATechNews banner and he’s there representing Futurelooks. The two sites focus on different things, so there should be a good mix of content.

In case you’re not too familiar, E3 is the largest video game trade show in North America. A lot of AAA titles are announced here and, with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 slated for launch later this year, there will be a lot to see, hear and demo. The console wars are really heating up, but based on what happened at the press conferences yesterday, many people are already declaring the PS4 the winner of the upcoming generation. Time will tell, of course.

I went to E3 2009 and again in 2010, but I haven’t been back to Los Angeles since then. Thankfully, I’m no stranger to covering trade shows. This is most certainly not a vacation, but I fully intend on enjoying myself while here. I’ll be surrounded by video games, I’ll be visiting with some awesome companies, and I hope to eat in Koreatown and grab some food truck tacos while I’m at it. I’m flying home Friday morning, so this will be a very short visit.

Do you play video games? What title has you the most excited this week?