New Challenges by Betshopboy

What’s happening in the blogging world this week? Let’s dive right in and find out.

You might already be familiar with Betshopboy and all the different marathons that he does, but he’s decided that he wants to take on some new challenges in the form of ultra trail running. That’s his photo at the top of this post and, as you can quite clearly see, running down that trail is quite different than running on pavement! He’s happy with the refreshing change so far, soaking in the “sights, sounds and smells of nature.”

There’s nothing quite like having an excellent meal and it’s no secret that I like steak. Earlier this year, Bob Buskirk made his way over to Las Vegas to try Gordon Ramsay Steak inside the Paris Hotel. Don’t expect your dinner there to be cheap, though, as Bob’s 18oz New York strip was $63, not including an extra $12 for his baked potato. Thankfully, it wasn’t “raw” nor did it taste “like rubber.”

When you write something on the Internet, anything on the Internet, you should prepare yourself for some sort of reaction. That was the case with Meg Tripp, who has now followed up by writing about things she learned from writing a blog post and, more specifically, how people reacted to it. Yes, when you’re snarky, you can usually expect people to be snarky back… even if they don’t actually read the original post in the first place.

You might remember when I said that one of the things not taught in high school is how to be financially responsible and how to save money. Damien Riley continues along this theme with four things students should know about finance. For instance, you can still live a full life while spending little money. And you really do need to learn how to live on a budget.

And finally, we have Thursday Bram. Like other people who make their money on the Internet, Thursday is no stranger to analytics and metrics, but she started measuring her personal life with a Fitbit four months ago. Yes, we look at page views and click-through rates for our online exploits, but it’s another thing altogether when you start quantifying your daily activities. Gamification works.