Ceasar's Palace Las Vegas

A city in the heart of the Mojave Desert was always going to be unique, and Las Vegas is certainly one of the most unique places in the world to visit. There is nowhere quite like it. GG Barnum once boasted that he had the greatest show on earth, but maybe he never spent a weekend in Vegas. From scene to shining scene, there is something to dazzle the most unimpressionable of eyes, including exotic dancers, rodeos with bareback riders and Romeos who can get married before dawn breaks. There is simply something for everyone!

Casinos and world championship poker tournaments are also a huge draw for those who take their gambling seriously but like to play in the most ornate of surroundings. In the last three years alone, Vegas has attracted an average of 35 million tourists each year, and once you delve into all the city has to offer, you will see for yourself why so many tourists come to visit.

Home to some of the world’s top-class casinos and grandest hotels, a tour of these is enough to fill the first-time visitor with awe and astonishment. In the casinos, the high-rollers couldn’t be higher and the lobbies of some of the hotels are like that of a highly-crafted stage set from a west end show stopper, or the scene of a glamorous movie set from the past. Everywhere you look there is a vibrant buzz of excitement and wonder to be found, and casinos; lots and lots of casinos. A poker table is never far away and here is a brief look at some of the best Vegas has to offer, each one with No Limit Texas Hold‘em games ready to play every day of the week.

The MGM Grand

In the early 1990’s, this hotel was the largest hotel in the world. Having since been relegated to third largest, you can still be blown away by the sheer vastness and ornateness of this building. There are no less than 16 restaurants to choose from inside this hotel and over 5,000 guest rooms. It really does stretch the imagination to envisage this building. However, it is the gaming area that really impresses the avid gambler. With 15, 930 square meters of gaming space and scores of poker tables, there is something to indulge every gamer’s taste, and plenty of opportunity to win big!

Caesars Palace

With its sweeping staircases, ornate ceilings and Roman style statues, this really does look like a palace fit for a king. However, you won’t be thrown to the lions here. You will be too busy making use of the vast gaming space available at this palatial take on the Roman Empire, which has a global reputation for being one of the greatest hotels and casinos on earth. Casino slots, table games and of course poker tables a plenty, this building has to be seen to be believed!

The Bellagio

If you enjoy poker, you will love the Bellagio hotel and casino. The Bellagio claims to be the blueprint casino that all others have emulated and this building does not fall short on sophistication and style. The Las Vegas poker room is host to the World Poker Tour when it passes through the area. There is also ‘Bobby’s Room’, a high-stakes poker room dedicated to Bobby Baldwin, a former winner of the World Series of Poker and also a man who played a key role in design and construction for MGM International Resorts.

A trip to Las Vegas is a feast for the eyes and if you enjoy poker or any other type of gambling experience, what better place to indulge your interests than here. Excitement, beauty and a haven of creativity, nobody can quite prepare you for the wonderful array of cultural diversity in this one city in the middle of a desert. For a chance to visit Vegas and experience the magic first hand, visit PokerStars who are currently offering the chance to win prize packages ($10,000 buy in + $3,000 travel expenses) to the 2013 World Series of Poker, through online tournaments.

The preceding was a guest post submitted by Mark Nicholls.