The Donatello Boardroom

In my perfect world, people like myself wouldn’t be referred to as financial advisors. We’d be referred to as financial facilitators. People would have the knowledge to advise themselves and I would simply have to facilitate what they wanted to have done.

The reason I say this is because in the world of business there’s that golden rule of working with people that you know, like and trust. The problem being, how do you know the person you know like and trust isn’t a complete idiot? The world is abounding in bad financial advice and bad advice in the area of finance can screw you over, big time!

So, Where To Look?

It takes a lot of time, and effort to accumulate the needed knowledge base to advise yourself on financial matters. Myself, I study and research quite intensely and I still discover something new on a daily basis that I never knew before. What I’ve done is given myself a base to work off of and built a board of advisors who share the same values and philosophies as I do based on my research and studying. It’s something I encourage everyone to do. And so I want to give you the people who I’ve relied on for years now for all of MY financial advice.

Chris Martenson

Chris is a financial advisor who became well-known on YouTube for his “Crash Course.” I highlight Chris first for this very reason. He has put together a series of videos on his channel that he updates frequently that very simply explain what is going with the economy. He has a very understandable way of explaining things in a short, won’t-bore-your-head-off kind of way. You can also check out his blog for updates on what’s going in the world.

Max Keiser

Max Keiser has spent 20 years in the financial industry as a part time stock broker and formed the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX). His blog is updated multiple times a day with news stories and how the world is being affected financially. Because he comes to us from a news perspective, the information is more digestible; it’s financial literacy that ties into the news of the world. He’s very anti-corporatism and is predisposed to fighting for the little guy.

Gerald Celente

Gerald is a trend forecaster who has accurately forecasted hundreds of social, business, consumer, environmental, economic, political, entertainment, and technology trends including the recent 2008 and 2009 market crashes. His motto is to think for yourself and to not rely on government or the media to give you your dose of reality. He has written three books on the subject of how the world has changed, is changing, and will change. When you understand how easy it is to spot the crashes that we recently saw, it makes you wonder how it is that people aren’t made aware sooner. Gerald described the crashes as the easiest predictions he’s made in his entire life and would’ve bet his life on. You can check him out on his blog too.

Why These Are My Guys

It’s amazing that people will give audience to those who couldn’t see the 2008 crash coming. I’m not a smart man and you don’t need to be. It’s not that one event, per se. It’s the fact that these guys had the sensibility to know and report it. It’s strange how few people like this are out there, letting people know what’s happening around us.