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As you may already know, I make my living as a freelance writer, working primarily on various kinds of web content. I do blogging, product reviews, web copy, feature articles, press releases and the like. You may have even caught my post earlier this year with some of the things I’ve written. I do a lot of writing, so it’s easy for some of that content to get lost in the mix.

To give you just a glimpse into what I do on a day-to-day basis, I’ve compiled a short list of articles that I’ve recently written. Most of these are geared toward the Internet, gadgets and technology, but that’s mostly because that’s one of my bigger areas of focus. I encourage you to follow and subscribe to each of the sites listed here too, as they’re filled with great content, both contributed by me and the rest of the writing staff on each respective site.

MEGATech Reviews – Samsung Galaxy Note II Android Superphone
From MEGATechNews.com

Given the astronomical success of the Galaxy S III smartphone, it’s not at all surprising that Samsung has decided to borrow some of the features of that device and implement them in the Galaxy Note II. For example, you’ll notice that the overall design is closer in scope to the S3 than it is to the original Note. The glossy plastic back is meant to mimic the smooth surface of a river rock, for instance.

eReader Shootout: Amazon Kindles vs. Barnes & Noble Nooks vs. Kobo Glo
From MobileMag.com

While many people have turned to their iPads and Android tablets for the purpose of reading e-books, there is still very much a market for the dedicated eReader. The e-ink display is so much easier on the eyes and the battery life is way better than what you’d get from a tablet. But, which one is best?

Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Smart Gadgets For A Smart Office
From SmartLifeBlog.com

Yes, I know that buying gifts that are related to work might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it could turn out to be the most practical. What’s the point of giving a gift that’s just going to collect dust in the back of a closet somewhere? At least you know these smart office gadgets will actually get used!

Use LogoMyWay to Crowdsource Your Logo Design
From TylerCruz.com

You start by creating the new project, giving some information about your company and some general guidance about how you want the logo to look. Perhaps you want to maintain a certain color scheme, for example. You then fund the contest, offering up a prize of between $200 and $1000. That prize will go directly to the winning designer, but you do have to pay an additional 10% fee to LogoMyWay for hosting your contest.