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It’s an old saying from Chinese philosopher Laozi and it still rings true today: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” You can never hope to finish if you never get started in the first place. And it is with this theme of “getting started” that we embark on this week’s speedlink.

Going “all in” is Cheewee Ng, who you know may better as Betshopboy. No, he’s not playing poker. Instead, he participated in the Adidas King of the Road road race. The 16.8 kilometre run was held at the newly opened Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Starting at 7:15 in the morning, Cheewee finished the race in one hour and sixteen minutes, which is almost one minute faster than last year’s time.

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but Henri Junttila offers five powerful reasons why you should start a blog. You get a venue to express yourself, you make some great online connections and you have the opportunity for all kinds of personal and professional growth. For me, I’d say that blogging also provides a greater sense of discipline too, especially if you stick to a regular blogging schedule.

You might remember last week when Bob Buskirk taught us how to get all your work done in two hours a day. This week, he reminds us that it’s not easy to run an online business. I’ve commented on this before in the context of a freelance writing career, but many of those points apply to several different kinds of online businesses too. Not having a boss is truly a double-edged sword.

What about when you need to get started on the road? John Biehler has a review of the Roam Mobility Liberty Hotspot up on his blog and it’s a product that is geared toward Canadians who need wireless data while traveling in the United States. It operates on the T-Mobile 3G network, offering much better speed and reliability than the FreedomPop 4G service. It’s not terribly cheap, but it’s far more affordable than those outrageous roaming charges.

Want to get an early start on your Christmas gifts? Trent Hamm has a guide on six simple gifts you can make between now and the time that Santa makes his rounds. You will need to get started as soon as possible, though, if you want to have them completed in time. The gift ideas range from photo cubes to meals in a jar, but they all have that nice, personalized touch.