The days are getting chilly, the leaves are changing colors and the supermarkets are stocking up on giant pumpkins. Yes, October is upon us. Regardless of the season, I still endeavor to rally up five interesting blog posts for you to read every Wednesday and here is today’s selection.

With Halloween right around the corner, Dylan Duarte is offering his 31 Days of Horror, reviewing some of the best (and worst) scary movies of all time. One of my personal favorites is A Nightmare on Elm Street. The clawed glove is positively iconic, but it is even more frightening that someone can invade your dreams and murder you while you sleep.

You could say that blogging on the road can be a bit of a nightmare, but Tris Hussey is easing your pain with his basic how-to on blogging with your iPad. There are several writing and posting apps available for the iPad, as well as apps to help you manage and edit your images. You’ll want to have an external keyboard too if you plan on doing any kind of real typing.

Continuing on the theme of blogging, we must offer our congratulations to Zac Johnson. His “Blogging Tips” e-book has become a #1 best seller on Amazon in the web marketing category. To be fair, he did have a “free” promotion for a short period of time, but having over 9,000 copies downloaded through Amazon is quite the achievement! You don’t need a Kindle device to read it, because there are several free Kindle apps (including for PC) available.

We like local food and so does Joseph Planta. He recently had the opportunity to interview Chris Parry from the Fray on Fraser restaurant. They talk about the food, the business, and what the future may have in store for Fraser Street. Is it the new Main Street in Vancouver?

Last and certainly not least, we have Ariane Khachatourians, better known as West End Girl. She recently took a West Coast road trip and she has returned with quite the extensive photo essay. She went to San Francisco, Portland, and the Oregon Coast, visiting some enormous redwoods, great fishing spots and “Full House” street.