The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

Every month, I take a look back at the people who posted the most comments on Beyond the Rhetoric. Taking a look at the top five for September, you’ll notice that many of the names are the same as August’s top thinkers, but there are a few notable changes.

Once again, Ray Ebersole leads the charge. He’s been busy with real life and work, so he hasn’t been able to blog as much lately. So, I decided to look back at what he was blogging about last year and he posted a great Star Trek infographic, celebrating the 45th anniversary of the sci-fi franchise. Ray is a Star Trek geek and he’s proud to say so. Live long and prosper, my friend.

He may not have a blog of his own, but he does have a weekly feature on Beyond the Rhetoric. Financial advisor Aaron Koo wrote about why gold is a good investment early on in September and it sparked quite a discussion in the post’s comment section. While gold may not provide much in terms of long-term gains, it is one of the more stable places to “save” your money. Do you agree?

Next up, we have Zagorath. When it comes to typing, the QWERTY keyboard has become a fairly universal standard. Even so, it may not be the most efficient, so Zagorath is attempting to learn the Dvorak simplified keyboard. It’s supposed to be faster and reduce repetitive strain injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome. Have you tried it?

If you want to keep fit, Edwin has a few pointers. For instance, you may have seen his post on how to improve your digestive system. It starts with healthy eating habits, which includes not only the types of food that you eat, but also how you eat them. Keeping away from large meals can be helpful, for example, as smaller meals are easier for your system to break down and absorb.

It’s interesting how Mike Rice has the only non-English blog on this speedlink. Writing in Italian, he has but a single post on rice flour, which is an essential food for those suffering from gluten intolerance. The brief article describes the versatility of rice flour and it also lists the relevant nutritional information, like the amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats.