What's Up Wednesdays: Beaches and Nightmares

Fall is always a rather strange time of year. On the one hand, you can still get some days where it feels like summer is still there. On the other hand, you feel more of an evening chill, the kids are back in school, and Costco is already selling Christmas decorations. And it is with that odd sense of transition that we segue into this week’s speedlink!

We start off with Bob Buskirk, who recently took a road trip to sunnier climes. He engaged in the beach routine for a few days, breaking up the usual monotony of working from home and managing his website. He still got work done, thanks to the Wi-Fi, but he spent most of his days just chillaxing.

Beaches can be great, but they’re not all made alike. Stacey Robinsmith can certainly attest to that as he explains why he hates Barnet Beach. It’s called a beach, but he would rather it be named “Barnet Rip Rap Waterfront Park.” The parking lot is too far away and there isn’t exactly much “beach” there with the tide coming in. What alternative suburban retreat would you suggest to him?

Beaches are for the summer, but what about the fall? Rebecca Bollwitt has just the thing for folks in the Vancouver area, as she’s giving away some tickets to the Stanley Park Ghost Train. I visited this Halloween tradition a couple years ago when it was themed after Alice in Nightmareland. This year’s theme is “Scary Fairy Tales” and it’s fun for the whole family! Regular tickets are $11 for adults and $7 for children (3-17) and seniors.

What if you’re more of the indoor type and you want to make money rather than spend it? Tyler Cruz explains why affiliate marketing is like playing poker. Indeed, while skill is involved, there is a definite luck factor and you really should play to win rather than just playing to last. That’s the only way you can make the big bucks.

And finally, we have RT Cunningham. He read an article on WebMD saying that too much tuna can mean too much mercury for children. It’s mostly about canned tuna, but does that mean you should avoid this delicious fish altogether? RT doesn’t think so and I agree. I’m not a fan of the canned stuff myself, but I love seared ahi tuna and otoro sushi. Just be conscious of the source of your fish.

Image credit: lifeintheburbs.ca