What I've Been Writing on the Web

Most readers of this blog will know that I make my living as a freelance writer, but you may not necessarily be following me around the web as I write articles for various websites. Some of this work is on a ghostwriting basis, so I can’t highlight those pieces, but just as I’ve done before, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of my more recent work.

For the most part, I write about technology, gadgets and the Internet and this collection of articles is fairly representative of that focus. To be fair, I’ve also written a number of non-techie topics too and I’m just as comfortable exploring other niches and subjects.

What We Think We Know About The Apple iPad Mini
From Smartlife Blog

“While it is being referred to as as 7-inch iPad, the iPad mini is much more likely to get a 7.85-inch display that maintains the same 4:3 aspect ratio as its bigger brother. However, it will not get a Retina Display, instead getting around the same pixel density as the iPad 2.”

Catch Notes Notepad for Android Helps You Captures Your Ideas
From BuildMobile

“The concept is a familiar one. Catch Notes is a digital notepad. Whenever you have something you want to remember, you simply open up the app and write a note. The note is saved locally, but like some other similar apps (e.g. Evernote), it is also saved to the cloud for web access elsewhere.”

MEGATech Reviews – Samsung HMX-W300 Multi-Proof Full HD Camcorder
From MEGATechNews

“However, you probably don’t want to take your iPhone with you on your surfing lesson and it would be terrible if you dropped your Canon into the resort swimming pool. And that’s where something like the Samsung HMX-W300 comes into focus. Dubbed “the perfect vacation camcorder,” this is a pocket-sized shooter that will be able to survive even your roughest adventures”

GeoEdge Global Proxy Network with Chrome Extension
From Blogging Tips

“They have a vast network of proxy servers that have been set up at various locations across the country and around the world. In doing this and by giving you access to this network, you gain international visibility while being able to stay in the same physical place.”

NEOGEO X GOLD Portable Gamer Includes TV Dock and Arcade Stick
From Mobile Magazine

“Here is the NEOGEO X GOLD, a complete solution for both mobile and home-based gaming. Some people will say that this is “shockingly expensive at $200,” but you have to remember what you’re getting as part of this package.”

You might remember the Samsung HMX-W300 pocket camcorder from a recent episode of Dot Com Pho and while the NEOGEO X GOLD may not really represent the future of gaming, it’s still intriguing in how it marries the home console and mobile gaming experiences.

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