library chess set

Every Wednesday, I share some of the more interesting blog posts that I find around the web. This week’s collection is on the eclectic side once again, so there should be a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

We start off with Sonia Simone who helps us understand how to win a zero sum game. In a game like chess, there can only be one winner. It can oftentimes be the same when it comes to professional success too, but there is usually an alternative that provides mutual benefit. We can all be winners, just in different ways.

Next, we fly across the water to visit Buzz Bishop. He’s over in Reykjavik, telling us about seven unique items to eat in Iceland. Well, lamb and hot dogs aren’t particularly unique, but what about shark sashimi or puffin? Or the hakarl that actually made Gordon Ramsay vomit. I bet he appreciates a rubbery scallop a little more now.

One way to save a lot of money is simply to move to a cheaper neighborhood. That’s what Trent Hamm is suggesting, because you can get more house for less money. Think about what is actually important to you; why pay more for a good school district if you don’t have or don’t plan to have any kids any time soon? Keep an open mind and your wallet can thank you later.

We all think about physical assets like a house and a car, but we also have to consider our digital assets given that we live in a digital age. Emily Guy Birken talks about how you can take stock of your digital life when you are going through the process of estate planning. You’ll also have to consider how to provide access to your digital executor while still protecting your passwords.

Last and certainly not least, I’d like to wish a happy belated birthday to Scott Young. He just turned 24 years old and he’s doing a little bit of introspection about “going pro” and “studying” at MIT. I wonder if he’s feeling the quarter-life crisis yet. It’s good that he’s set some new goals moving forward.