The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

And so another month has come and gone. Before we get to the top thinkers for June 2012, I’d like to wish a happy Fourth of July to all of my American readers. We got to celebrate Canada Day over the weekend, so now it’s your turn. Take the time to remember what makes your country great, but also what it could do better.

The top thinkers in the month of June are similar to May’s top thinkers, save for a couple of differences. The “newcomers” are hardly new to this blog, it’s been a while since either has made the cut. Let’s see what they’ve been doing.

Ray Ebersole

It should come as little surprise to frequent readers of this blog that, once again, our good friend Ray tops the list. Over on his own blog, he recently posted up his review of the Amazon Kindle Fire, as he has been testing it for deployment in the schools. He says it’s a nice eReader, but it’s lacking as a tablet. I’d suggest the Google Nexus 7 instead; it costs the same and does so much more.

Used Tires

Going back nearly two years into the archives of the Used Tires Blog, I came across a post on how to dispose of tires. Just as you should be mindful of what you throw in the trash and what you recycle, the same can be said about much larger items like your used car tires. Indeed, different jurisdictions have different laws regarding the proper disposal of tires.


Cheewee recently took his family on a vacation in Bangkok. This isn’t the first time he’s visited the Land of Smiles, but there have been many changes since the last time he’s been there. It’s certainly more exotic and crowded than San Francisco, that’s for sure. Check out Betshopboy’s post for plenty of photos, including shots of the Chatuchak weekend market.

Bob Buskirk

I love live music and apparently so does Bob! Even better, he was able to land a couple of free tickets to the Drake concert just outside of Pittsburgh. Meeting up with some friends, Bob looks like he had a good time at the pre-concert tailgate too, complete with good weather, food and alcohol. Hit up his post for some videos from the concert.

Jeff Kee

His personal blog hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, but that’s because Jeff has been busy with his business! His most recent efforts have been focused on promoting Brixwork for Realtors, a website design and CMS for real estate professionals. It’s pretty, it’s SEO-friendly and it’s packed full of features. Naturally, social media integration plays a pretty big role too.