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Hump day. Life is filled with its ups and downs, but after today, you’ll start picking up steam as you head toward the weekend. To keep you going, I’ve put together my weekly collection of blog posts from around the web, each offering a little slice of life.

We start off with Cecilia Lu who talks about what the dry cleaning business taught her about life. Her parents ran the business and Cecilia participated too, learning about professional conduct along the way. Business lessons can come from everywhere, even movie theatres.

Next, we have Raul Pacheco-Vega, who is easily one of the busiest people I know. To keep up with his hectic lifestyle, he utilizes several social media tools like Buffer, HootSuite and Timely. Even so, he does have a number of rules about what is and isn’t appropriate. For instance, he will never schedule an update that is a response to people.

Life is different in the city than it is in the suburbs. For instance, as Stacey Robinsmith points out, PriceSmart Foods is the suburban equivalent to Urban Fare. No, it may not have the same assortment of “specialty” items as its urban equivalent, but that didn’t stop Stacey from trying!

A great way to learn about life is to travel and that’s exactly what Anny Chih is doing. She left Amsterdam and now she finds herself in France. Even though she was supposed to end up in Paris, she is instead exploring the district of Montmartre. Yes, it’s technically inside Paris, but it is a very different part of town than where you find the Eiffel Tower and Le Louvre.

We may already be halfway through the year, but Tyler Cruz is only now looking back at his work goals for 2011. He aimed to publish more blog posts and revitalize some of his sites, but he fell short, failing on just about all of them. Tyler hasn’t set any work goals for 2012, but he may pick them up again in 2013.