The All-Electric Zero Motorcycle Test Ride (by Stacey Robinsmith)

As you make that heroic attempt to overcome yet another hump day, I present to you the weekly roundup of interesting blog posts that I found around the web. Once more, the collection is quite varied, so there should be some good content for just about everyone to enjoy.

We start off with Stacey Robinsmith “in the burbs” as he takes the all-electric Zero motorcycle out for a test ride. I saw some of the electric bicycles at EPIC Vancouver, but the Zero is equivalent to a 250cc motorcylce with a top speed of 140km/h and a city range of 180km. It retails for about $11,000. Check out Stacey’s post for the video.

A short while back, the world bid adieu to Maurice Sendak. Now, looking back, Damien Riley offers a post inspired by Where the Wild Things Are. You may think that your current situation is pretty bad and you’ll want to stray to the land of the wild things. After a while, though, you’ll want to return to what is real and good. After a while, you’ll just want to come home.

One way we can help fund our common obsession with the latest technology is to sell our used cell phones. Maristella has a guide up on Dragon Blogger that walks you through the process of getting the most cash possible. For my part, I still have my Nokia E71 and Palm Pre, mostly as backups and I’d rather not run the risk of data theft.

But who said that you have to buy the newest of the new? Trent Hamm explains why checking for discontinued models and floor models is a great way to get some new tech without breaking the bank. Just be aware that you could encounter some potential hassles with either route, so weigh the risks against your savings to see if it’s worth buying.

The Internet may be international, but your user accounts may not be. That’s the problem Tris Hussey encountered recently, effectively forcing him to buy Instapaper again in order to regain full functionality. I have both a Canadian and an American Xbox Live account, so I can see how Tris would encounter the same troubles with Instapaper.