Cancun 2011


When you run your own small business, there’s no such thing as earning your vacation days in the conventional sense. There really isn’t a “good” time to take a holiday either; you just have to take it.

And so, as you read this, I’m aboard a plane flying across North America on my way to sunny Cancun in Mexico. It’ll certainly be a refreshing change from the rainy climes of Vancouver. The plan is to relax on the beach with an umbrella drink, of course, but I also intend on visiting some cultural and historic sites like Tulum and Chichen Itza. Mayan ruins have always fascinated me and this is a great opportunity to see them in real life. I’ve also been told that Playa del Carmen is gorgeous.

International travel really is one of the best ways to spend your money. You broaden your horizons, try some new food, and experience some new cultures. Although I’ve been to Mexico before, this will be my first time in Cancun, indeed my first time outside of the west coast of the country. Better still, I’m staying at an all-inclusive resort, so it should be fancier that some of my accommodations in the Australian Outback for sure. If you have any recommendations for attractions in the area, do let me know.

Let’s hope my Spanish holds up. Una cerveza, por favor? Gracias.