My Most Popular Video on YouTube

I first joined YouTube way back in June 2006. I don’t really remember what was my real motivation, but looking at my YouTube channel, my earliest videos were of my bunny Roy. The videos were largely unedited and weren’t exactly high-resolution.

Since then, the scope of the videos I post on YouTube has expanded greatly. I have videos for product reviews, technology overviews, local events, hotel room tours and all sorts of other interesting things. I didn’t really get into even the simplest of editing until some time later.

These days, I continue to shoot quite a range of videos. They’re not really there to make any money or to grant me any kind of real fame, per se. Instead, they’re more about having fun and documenting some of the things happening in my life. Several of the videos you see on Dot Com Pho and Hadouken Online are shot by me and I put quite a bit more effort into editing them than I did in the past.

However, none of those are my most popular videos. Instead, we have to go back three years to find the video that still gets the most views: Animatronic Albert Einstein at CES 2009.

It’s a video that has no editing whatsoever and, even though it’s from a technology trade show from three years ago, people still seem to think that it’s relevant, interesting, humorous or whatever else. It has over 170,000 views and it continues to get thousands of views each month. Considering that some of the most popular videos on YouTube as a whole are on the stranger side of things, I suppose I shouldn’t be all that surprised.