Graffiti Picnic Table

As you may already know, I maintain an active presence at many different online communities. You may already follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Not all of that content ends up getting featured on Beyond the Rhetoric, so it’s quite possible that you miss a few of those updates. Flickr is one such example.

Photography is one of my hobbies and it is something that I would continue to pursue even if it were not a part of my current profession as a freelance writer and journalist. Indeed, many of the pictures I take are “for fun” and for the sake of experimentation (and enjoyment). The photo above, for instance, comes from a rather interesting picnic table in Byron Bay, Australia. Instead of just taking a straight-on photo of the graphic, I went for a more obtuse angle. I also applied a pinhole filter and dialed up the saturation. The net result, I think, is more intriguing than a more standard photo of the same object.

To some people, “PhotoShop” is a dirty word. I don’t think it is, so long as you’re not really misrepresenting your subject. I don’t “adjust” or “correct” all of my photos, to be sure, but I do try to have fun with it. Most of my photos of Australian wild animals weren’t so dramatically altered, since I wanted the subjects to speak for themselves.

In any case, here are a few highlights from my Flickr photostream from the last couple of months. I’m always open to feedback, since I’m always open to learning and evolving!

Surfer's Paradise, Australia

Ganbaranba Ramen, Cairns

Surfer's Paradise, Australia

Wild lizard on the pathway

Macro White Spider

Australian Boomerang

Tim Hortons Lasagna Casserole

Bread Pudding French Toast

Baltimore Ravens at Seattle Seahawks (2 of 5)