Bright Nights in Stanley Park

Yes, I realize that the holiday season has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still enjoy a little bit of festive cheer. Following my New Year’s Eve dinner at Pear Tree Restaurant, we made our way over to the Bright Nights in Stanley Park. Yes, we went to look at Christmas lights after Christmas.

The displays were put up and open to the public on December 2 and ran until January 2. This was the fourteenth year that Stanley Park decorate a portion in celebration of the holidays, though this was the first time that I went. And I’m glad I did, just as I was glad to visit the German Christmas Market the year before.

With Bright Nights in Stanley Park, you get a variety of displays, mostly with a lot of holiday lighting. There was a Canadian flag made of red and white lights, for instance, as well as a miniature Ferris wheel, moving nutcrackers, and animatronic Santas. I was also happy to see that my old high school had a display with a number of toys for charity.

Bright Nights in Stanley Park

Here is a short video with some highlights. Naturally, seeing the lights in person is a little more magical.

Christmas Train Ride

The Stanley Park Miniature Train runs throughout the year, but they offer themed rides on special occasions. There was the ghost train for Halloween and there is a Bright Nights Christmas Train for the winter holidays.

How did you celebrate your holidays? What are the great local events and festivities in your area?