The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

It has become a monthly tradition here on Beyond the Rhetoric to give thanks to the folks who so kindly continue the conversation in the comments section of each blog post. I missed last month, since I was still in the middle of the Outback, but the Top Thinkers showcase is back for the month of December… and it’s the last one of 2011!

Ray Ebersole, despite being so busy with the holidays, still managed to clinch the top spot for December. He also has the most comments in 2011. Over on his blog, his most recent entry discusses the appearance of support when it comes to customer service and running a business.

Colocation takes the second spot for December, but his website still appears to be down for whatever reason. I hope that gets fixed soon!

Used tires has the third spot. In the aftermath of the winter holidays, you may be looking to save some money and buying used tires can be one way to trim that budget. You’ll just want to keep a few things in mind, as you would with buying any other used product.

Betshopboy just misses the medal podium with fourth place in December. That’s okay, because he’s busy training for his many marathons. Most recently, he participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 and finished it in four hours and 21 minutes. He aims to break the four hour threshold next year.

Jim rounds out the top five for this final month of the year. He didn’t provide a URL to a website or social media profile, so I guess he’ll do without a link. Thanks for your contribution anyhow!

Once again, I want to extend a hearty thank you to everyone who has ever posted a comment on Beyond the Rhetoric. Without you, I’d be standing on a soapbox, bellowing out into a black hole. Keep the discussions going and I look forward to more conversations in the new year.