What's Up Wednesdays: Outback Accommodations

Yes, I usually do a speedlink every Wednesday, but I haven’t had all that much time to keep up with the blogosphere while traveling through Australia. The regular link love should resume next week.

In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in where I’ve been staying. We did a fair bit of comparison shopping for our hotels, but that didn’t really apply to the Outback portion of our trip. For that, we went with an organized tour group and they decided on our accommodations for the entire group. We did have self-selected hotels in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Sydney. Check out my YouTube channel for some of those.

The first video is embedded here and it is from the Heavitree Gap Outback Lodge in Alice Springs. This is where I saw (and fed) the rock wallabies and it was also where I had my first encounter with the spider wasp.

And this second video is from King’s Canyon Resort, also in the middle of the Australian Outback in the Northern Territory. This one was more of a backpackers style lodge or hostel with shared facilities.

The third video here is from Hotel George Williams, a hotel owned and operated by YMCA in the heart of Brisbane’s Central Business District (CBD). The room has nearly everything you need, but it’s definitely on the small side.

As I mentioned above, I still have videos coming from our accommodations at Broadbeach (south of Surfers Paradise, along the Gold Coast), Byron Bay, and Sydney, so be on the lookout for those on my YouTube channel.

UPDATE: And here is the Aruba Beach Resort in Broadbeach. This is near Surfer’s Paradise along Australia’s Gold Coast.

UPDATE #2: Here is the video for the Atlantic Byron Bay Guesthouses, complete with lizard neighbors.

UPDATE #3: And finally, the Altamont Hotel Sydney with free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and two really friendly dogs.