Android on HP TouchPad

I do a speedlink here on Beyond the Rhetoric every Wednesday, sharing some interesting blog posts that I found around the web. This week’s collection has to do with new beginnings as a general theme, but the content is actually pretty eclectic. If you want to be included in a future speedlink, be sure to follow me on Twitter and drop me a line!

We start off with some hackery by way of John Biehler. He was recently successful in getting Android installed on his HP TouchPad. What’s great is that the now discontinued tablet can still dual boot, leaving John with the option of using webOS should he so choose. The once-dead tablet has just been given new life!

Next, we celebrate a new beginning with Melody Fury as she just got married on 11/11/11. Her bouquet was actually made with fresh vegetables, which she then encouraged her guests to take home and cook. Since I just had my wedding recently too, I can totally understand Melody’s elation. Congratulations!

Is your data safe? Tyler Cruz describes his new computer backup system, replacing the old system of monthly encrypted backups to CDs and DVDs. He hasn’t made the leap to cloud-based storage yet, but the 1TB Seagate hard drive is definitely a step up from using optical media.

Over on Freelance Switch, Danny Iny discusses the concept of self-publishing from an author’s perspective. Traditional publishing may be the more conventional route, by definition, but it may not be the best option both for control and for profitability. That said, does this come at the expense of credibility? Read and find out!

Finishing off this week’s list is Neil Patel. The successful Internet entrepreneur reminds us of the power of the truth and why it’s better to hear a painful truth than to receive the sugar-coated alternative. It’s the only way you’re going to learn, to grow, and to evolve. Be blunt and encourage others to do the same.