Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, among several other countries in the British Commonwealth. It is also Veterans Day in the United States, as well as Armistice Day in other parts of the world. It is on this day that we should remember all the brave men and women who fought on our behalf, defending our liberties and protecting us from harm.

It is on this day that you may hear the term “lest we forget” quite often, but what does that really mean? And how did it start?

In short, “lest we forget” is meant to offer a warning “about the perils of hubris and the inevitable decline of imperial power.” It is a plea for us to remember the sacrifices of those who serve our respective countries, particularly including those who made the ultimate sacrifice. This is for both wars of the past, as well as those still going on today. The phrase originates from “Recessional,” a poem by Rudyard Kipling. You may know him better for authoring The Jungle Book.

And so, here we are. Don’t forget to take a moment of silence to reflect today and to thank a veteran if you see him or her. Lest we forget.