R2-D2 Pepper Mill

Life is about perspective and it always helps to see things in a new light. It is with that philosophy and that kind of outlook that we approach today’s speedlink. Open your eyes for the very first time… again.

We start out with a post from tech expert John Biehler. He has compiled a holiday gift guide for geeks. Some people may say it’s too early to do your Christmas shopping, but online ordering and shipping can sometimes take longer than expected. The R2-D2 pepper mill shown above doesn’t come all the way form Tatooine, but the Star Wars fan in your life will certainly appreciate it!

Next, Ray Ebersole reminds us that athletes and celebrities may not exactly be the best role models for our children. He illustrates this with no fewer than three examples of utter stupidity by these so-called role models, including reckless endangerment, sexual abuse, and racial slurs.

Jeanette Kramer moved to Vancouver more than four years ago, but she is already taking the natural beauty of the area for granted. So, she’s seeing Vancouver through the eyes of a tourist again, posting some positively gorgeous images from around our fair city. Sometimes you forget just how pretty Science World and Library Square can be.

Some good things may not be so good. Michael Bahn explores the concept of rogue community volunteers, discussing how they can sabotage your efforts and what you can do to prevent this from happening. It may sound great to have volunteers to administrate your online communities, but you also have to make sure that these volunteers still work with your best interests in mind. After all, if it takes you more time to clean up their mess, is it really worth having them around?

And finally, Annabelle from Untwisted Vortex offers a rather timely post. As you may know, I’m heading to Australia for my honeymoon. Annabelle has put together some quick city highlights for the land down under. I’m not visiting all of these places on this trip, but I will keep this advice in mind for future travels too!