The Top Thinkers of Beyond the Rhetoric

Yes, I realize that this is a few days early, but I neglected to do the shoutout last month. I didn’t want to miss the chance for October, so let’s have a look at who has posted the greatest number of comments on Beyond the Rhetoric (so far) for this month.

Once again, good friend of the blog Ray Ebersole tops the list. He has a great article on his blog describing the role of technology in modern education. Yes, computers and gadgets can be great educational tools, but they are no replacements for real human interaction and real human learning. You need to be there. The machine is simply a tool.

Next on the list is Sourish. He has a question and answer forum on jailbreaking the iPhone 4 and you can participate without registering. For instance, a common question is whether jailbreaking is worth doing in the first place. Some people swear by the apps available through Cydia, whereas others don’t like the touchy nature of modifying your personal electronics. As always, proceed with caution.

Used Tires takes the next place on the Top Thinkers list. Here’s a blog about, you guessed it, used tires. However, there’s also content that is valuable to folks who choose to buy new tires too, like how to stay safe while driving on wet roads. We’re getting into the fall and winter, so you can expect to see more and more less than ideal road conditions in the months ahead. Be prepared.

Another familiar face makes the cut. Betshopboy might be better known for his marathon-related aspirations, but he has more to offer too. Last month, he showcased Beyond 9/11 – Portraits of Resilience, a documentary put together by HBO and TIME. The nearly hour-long program is embedded in his blog post and it offers the “words of those who led us, moved us, and inspire us.”

And finally, we have colocation taking up the fifth and final spot. Unfortunately, the Colocation website appears to be down. Perhaps something happened with the domain name or hosting provider. I hope that gets cleared up soon.