Enhanced Freelance with Thursday Bram

“You’re a freelancer and a good one.”

The challenge, of course, is figuring out how to convince everyone else, how to entice the right clients, how to make the most of your time, and how to earn the most money possible. And that’s the goal of Enhanced Freelance, a new program put together by Thursday Bram and Jennifer Kentmere. Unlike some other programs targeted at novices, Enhanced Freelance targets the intermediate freelancer.

Perhaps you’ve reached a plateau and you need to figure out how to take your freelance business to the next level. Enhanced Freelance aims to provide that, giving you guidance on cheap and effective marketing techniques, project management strategies, and so on. This is achieved a few different ways.

Enhanced Freelance with Thursday Bram

First, you’ll find a series of modules. Shown above are some of the components from the first module: Specialization for Selling. In effect, this freelance training course consists of a membership-based WordPress site. The module consists of specialized articles, as well as PDF worksheets, exclusive interviews with pro freelancers, and so on.

The other two modules are Building an Email List and Creating a Great Blog, both of which can be fantastic marketing tactics for attracting more clients. The blog can be great for brand awareness, for instance, while the email list keeps you in contact with a target audience. Just like the first module, these other modules also contain articles, worksheets, templates, and more.

Enhanced Freelance with Thursday Bram

I imagine that Enhanced Freelance may eventually grow with more modules over time, providing you with more instruction. However, it’s not just about the modules. There is also a members only forum where you can bounce ideas off other fellow freelancers, request reviews, and solicit feedback.

Getting started with freelancing is tough, but getting to that next level can be even tougher. Enhanced Freelance is designed for these intermediate freelancers, helping you make the leap from just surviving to actually thriving. Monthly membership is $19, which is a small price to pay for how much your business can grow with this new knowledge and online community.

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