Lasik Experience by Cicy Chan (

Every Wednesday, I share some posts from around the Internet that I thought were worth sharing. This is my way of giving back to the online community, so if you want some free link love, hit me up on Twitter on Tuesdays, as I usually put a call out for submissions. Let’s see what I gathered up this week.

We start off with a post from Cicy Chan, recounting her experience with Lasik. Many people want a way to do away with eyeglasses and contacts, so laser eye surgery has increased in popularity. It’s still not without its risks, but they’re much smaller than they have been in the past.

Over on Remarkablogger, we find a discussion on what Emilie Wapnick calls a multipotentialite. Have you ever taken one of those aptitude tests in school and found that you showed promise in more than one area? Do you find yourself drifting from one interest to another? If so, you might be a multipotentialite and your career path is perhaps better suited to multiple, successive specializations rather than down the straight and narrow in one direction.

Want to learn more but can’t get bogged down with multiple years of school? Scott Young is putting himself to the challenge, attempting to complete four years of MIT in just 12 months. To be fair, he’s not really taking the courses and he’s not really going to MIT, but he is trying to self-teach (and self-learn) all of that material in just one year. Do you think he can do it?

Copyright laws used to be a little easier to understand, but the age of the Internet has muddled the picture. Rachel Arandilla helps us understand the basics of copyright laws. I’ve written about things like DMCA notifications before. Just because it is freely available on the web doesn’t mean that you can freely use that content however you choose.

And finally, my good friend Joseph Planta had the opportunity to interview Rick James. However, it’s likely not the Rick James that you have in your head at the moment. This gentleman is the author of Raincoast Chronicles 21, a book about amazing ship wrecks and other maritime tales along the BC coast and the surrounding area.